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Dating Coaching


Our Dating Coaching service is for women and men of all ages, who may be single, divorced, or mature and who have not had the success in dating you've wanted. All you want is to find a relationship partner, someone to fall in love with.

We understand the connection between being educated in dating and dating success. We understand as well that it's quite hard to be a woman trying to date in Bangkok, particularly if you've been away for a while, or you are a foreigner or if you just can't seem to find dating success and fulfillment in your relationships.

This could be because the city is not a sophisticated dating society. It also could be because of the men, they are either shy or unreachable. Or it could be because of…..you, your dating skills are rusty, or you never were great at dating to begin with.
That’s why our specialized dating coaching provides you with the kind of practical how-to techniques and strategies supported by our exclusive insightful ideas that are important to your dating success.

With many years of matching professionals for both sexes, we have been the leader in practical hands on real world dating progress that can truly make a difference as to whether you meet a man/a woman for dating and a relationship.  Or not.

If you have faced 2 situations below, don’t worry, do contact us we can help you out:

• Lack of knowledge or experience with dating 
• Nervousness around the opposite sex 
• Challenges with interpersonal skills 
• Difficulty in breaking negative or destructive patterns 
• Anxiety over starting to date after the end of a relationship

We can help you to meet people and build relationships with confidence and comfort. Your improved interpersonal skills will also improve your social relationships in all settings. Believe it or not, dating is fun when you know what you're doing!
Dating coaching helps singles like yourself to develop personalized strategies and skills for succeeding in all of the stages of dating. 

You'll learn how to:

• Understand culture difference!
• Improve your ability to get dates!
• Relate better, socially and romantically!
• End confusion about your dating dilemmas!
• Stop your dating pitfalls!
• Make dating fun and exciting again!
• find, attract, and successfully interact with suitable potential partners 
• screen dates for true compatibility 
• recognize red flags and know when to walk away 
• navigate the stages of dating for building strong relationship foundations

You'll be well on your way to meeting the love of your life.

With our help – online, by phone, or in person - singles acquire and integrate the techniques and confidence they need to successfully engage and authentically communicate with compatible people. Dating comprises a set of skills that can be learned like any other.

• What does it take to get better results from your dating efforts? 
• Self-knowledge, self-assurance, skills, strategies, and support

All of these become yours through our dating and relationship coaching.

Khun Bee experience in Psychology and Counseling, Mass Communication and Human Resources Management have fuelled a fundamental belief: with some guidance and support, everyone has the ability to achieve things they never thought possible.

Let us show you how much fun you can have dating!

Get the most out of your dating life!

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