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FREE Membership

FREE Membership is available to ATTRACTIVE males only. 
If you’re not sure that you are attractive or not, just put in your information.  We do screen and select all members in our database.

Please note that FREE Membership in Fab Millionaire Lady Date does not guarantee a date, however, IF you join with the PAID Millionaire Membership you are entitled as the number of dates you apply within your membership timeframe.  For Unlimited Date Subscription, we don’t either guarantee number of dates, it’s totally your choices how many people you would like to meet and also how many people will accept to meet you. However, FMLD will do the best for you within your subscription/membership timeframe.

To apply as a paid Millionaire, please click here.

To become a candidate with NO FEE for Fab Millionaire Lady Date you MUST:

1. Fill out this candidate application form on our website.

Please read all terms and conditions, disclaimer and our privacy policy. By clicking submitting your information, you accept and acknowledge to fully comply with our terms and conditions, disclaimer and our privacy policy.

Put up 4 of your photos on our website. Your photos should be taken by a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.  We prefer professionally shot photos. 

Photos tip: 

- Smiley and well dress is the key.

- Take full body and half body shot. Your photos taken by professional photographer should look like this. Please read our Photo Guideline

- Your photos must be "current" (within 6 months), no larger than 1MB in jpg format and No one else in your photos.

If you want to put your photos on our ‘featured profile’ page, please make sure that you checked box for I want my photos to be shown on ‘featured profile’ page.

The profile that allows us to use their photos on our website will obviously get the most exposure to the millionaires in their area.

3. FOR FREE DATABASE, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL OR PHONE US. Please take your time to read our site and this page carefully. We believe we have covered everything you should know about our service. We will not answer questions with answers found on this page. 

After you fill out the database form, we will review your information and will contact you via phone or email as soon as we have a millionaire that we feel would be a good match for you.

Please do not call or email our office regarding your status as it slows down the process.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of great importance to us and strictly enforced. Our Client will not be able to contact you through the website.  Prospective candidates will be able to view your profiles and photos BUT NOT any of your contact details and address. They will not contact you unless your permission is given. Once permission is given, we will then mutually decide what the best match is for both parties. 

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